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Parks, Playgrounds & Golf Course

Flora, Fauna, Odds & Ends

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Some photos by Kathy Rettke. All other photo credits go to Picture It Photo Service

Parks, Playgrounds & Golf Course

We have a lot of beauty in Brookings, including the acres of parks and playgrounds pictured here. There is a world class golf course, too! Take a mini-tour through the photos and the links.

Azalea Park

Trip Advisor - Azalea Park

The Amphitheater

Trip Advisor - Kidtown

The Capella by the Sea

Bud Cross Park

Salmon Run Golf

Trip Advisor - Salmon Run

Flora, Fauna, Odds & Ends

Just a few more photos depicting some of the local flora and fauna, a few miscellaneous shots of this and that. We hope you have enjoyed the tours. Do check back often!

History of Brookings

About Roosevelt Elk

Home of Winter Flowers

The 'Chetco' (aka 'Brookings') Effect

Winter Art & Chocolate Festival

About Oregon's Protected Islands & Wildlife